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What is Astrology?

Through writing-focused Astrology, I aim to put words to what you've always known about yourself. Your Astrological chart is like a puzzle, with each piece revealing a specific and detailed part of your personality. Your chart gives you permission to embrace all of yourself; your unique qualities, strengths, contradicting traits, and the parts of yourself that have been repressed. 

The intricacies of personalities have always fascinated me. After becoming interested in Astrology in 2010, I went on to study it seriously for 6 years before I started practicing. 

I care deeply about being your guide through your Astrological chart. I want you to leave our sessions feeling understood and grounded in your authenticity. 

My Practice

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I offer written charts, one-on-one sessions, and coaching programs.

My written charts range from planetary placements to your entire chart including house placements, aspects, asteroids, and chart points. My writing is descriptive and extensive as my primary goal is to make you feel deeply understood.

Our one-on-one sessions are guided by your needs. Whether you'd like to discuss various aspects of your chart or your life in general, I provide guidance based on my knowledge of your chart placements. 

My Intention Coaching Programs include:

- A 15-20 page chart outlining your Planetary Placements, House Placements, Aspects, Asteroid Placements, and Chart Points with detailed descriptions of each
- 4 or 8 phone sessions to discuss each area of your chart and how it relates to your life
- Enneagram typing and guidance
- Continued support and resources via email throughout the program



Whatever you are needing, I aim to provide unwavering support and guidance. Schedule your free consultation to learn more about what I offer! 

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Schedule Your Free Consultation

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Let's talk about where you are on your journey, your relationship with Astrology and The Enneagram, and how I can be of service to you.

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Join Us!
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