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What is the Enneagram?

The Enneagram is a complex, yet simple system for understanding yourself and others. While you have all nine types within you, you are dominant in one of them. All of the facets of The Enneagram lead to immense self-discovery and growth.

I offer one-on-one sessions where I provide guidance based on your dominant type and share my knowledge on the tools the Enneagram provides to foster deeper self-understanding and fulfillment. 

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My Practice

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I found The Enneagram through my parents in 2019. Learning about my dominant type put words to what I've always known about myself. All of the pieces of The Enneagram - wings, triads, paths of integration and disintegration, subtypes, levels of health, etc. - quickly helped me realize that so much of my personality was constructed to protect me from my fears and it was holding me back from the essence of who I am. 

The tools that The Enneagram provides are vast. I've been able to shed so much of my constructed 'personality' and am closer to my authenticity than ever before.

My personal experience with The Enneagram lead me to get certified in 2021 and I'm so happy to have the opportunity to guide others through the process that transformed me. 

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"For anyone interested in understanding themselves on a deeper level, I can't recommend Ellen's coaching program enough. Whether you're brand-new or even skeptical of astrology or have had a long-time interest, there's so much valuable insight and knowledge to gain from Ellen's program. She provides so much rich color and context across all the facets of astrology, from your birth chart to your house placements, and everything in between. I joined her 12-week program and can genuinely say that every single week I learned something about my placements that felt like an "Aha" moment and made me feel so aligned with my true self. Growth in this program is inevitable - you'll learn so much about what makes up the fabric of who you are, why you're motivated by particular things, and how you can call on different aspects of your chart in order to show up as the highest-vibe version of yourself in any situation. Love, love, loved this program with all my heart, and am excited to continue on this journey. Thank you, Ellen!!!"

Mattie Hill

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