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" I had no idea what to anticipate before meeting The Rational Astrologer because the only aspect of Astrology I knew was my Zodiac sign. My sister gifted me a reading and written chart with Ellen and I was so excited! It was such an enlightening experience and Ellen was there with me from start to finish - supportive, transparent, and concise. I walked away feeling like I have a much deeper understanding of myself now. Ellen addressed my internal qualities head-on and helped me identify and problem-solve areas of conflict. Ellen also does an eloquent job of discussing why these certain aspects of yourself could be happening in the first place. It truly is an amazing experience. I am so happy I did this and the written chart is something I still reference regularly. I would highly recommend these experiences with The Rational Astrologer."

- Katie‏

I had never gotten a reading like this before, but after meeting Ellen I knew she would be an amazing coach to invest in for it! My chart revealed so many things about me and my life that really helped me put the pieces together. I am a verbal processor as well so on my coaching calls Ellen talked me through every bit of it. I realized the areas of my life that I could improve just by being more aware of the role I play in them and how I could work on them to be better in the future. I am truly blown away by this amazing program and I am glad I purchased the 4-week coaching program. I am hoping to do the Enneagram coaching program next and I can't wait to see what I learn there too!

- Julianna

"I was truly blown away by Ellen's astrology chart reading. The information she gave was so accurate and it gave me more confidence in the things I intuitively feel. She also gave me really great advice with how to navigate some of the "negative" sides that come with my birth chart. The information she gave was never kitschy or fluffy. It felt like she was reading right into my soul.

- Jill

"For anyone interested in understanding themselves on a deeper level, I can't recommend Ellen's coaching program enough. Whether you're brand-new or even skeptical of astrology or have had a long-time interest, there's so much valuable insight and knowledge to gain from Ellen's program. She provides so much rich color and context across all the facets of astrology, from your birth chart to your house placements, and everything in between. I joined her 12-week program and can genuinely say that every single week I learned something about my placements that felt like an "Aha" moment and made me feel so aligned with my true self. Growth in this program is inevitable - you'll learn so much about what makes up the fabric of who you are, why you're motivated by particular things, and how you can call on different aspects of your chart in order to show up as the highest-vibe version of yourself in any situation. Love, love, loved this program with all my heart, and am excited to continue on this journey. Thank you, Ellen!!!"

- Lauren

"Working with Ellen has completely changed my perspective and how I view the current challenges I'm facing in my life. I started her 12-week program during a time when I was going through a MASSIVE transition in my career. In working with Ellen, she helped me understand areas that I can tap into to feel more confident in the big decisions I'm making based on my chart. I'm a complete beginner when it comes to astrology, and Ellen made it super easy to understand and extremely actionable on how it's applicable within the context of my life. I've raved about her program so much that I've already had two friends sign up for her programs(one 4-week and one 12-week program). Thank you, Ellen!!"

- Kelli

"We had the best time with Ellen giving our chart readings at our dinner party. She not only dove into each of our individual birth charts but also gave great insight into all of our relationships. She took the time to explain everything and was happy to answer more questions when we wanted to go deeper on something. She was so thorough with everyone's readings, that it felt like we all got to know each other on a deeper level. It was such a fun experience to have with some of our dear friends! I can't recommend Ellen and her chart readings enough!"

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